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Tungsten Disulfide Coating, Thin Lubricating Film, Binder-Less ImpingementApplied
Revision A, September 2013
Includes all amendments and changes through Reaffirmation Notice , January 2019


  • Revision:Revision A, September 2013
  • Published Date:January 2019
  • Status:Active, Most Current
  • Document Language:English
  • Published By:SAE International (SAE)
  • Page Count:7
  • ANSI Approved:No
  • DoD Adopted:No
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    This specification covers a coating consisting of tungsten disulfide without binders and not requiring a curing process.


    This product has been used typically on metal parts and selected nonmetallic materials (e.g., thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers) where a friction-reducing coating under 0.00002 inch (0.5 μm) thick is required and where wear, galling, seizure, and fretting need to be minimized, but usage is not limited to such applications.

    This lubricating film has been shown to be compatible with such fluids as reagent grade water, petroleum-based hydraulic fluid, petroleum-based oils and greases, SAE phosphate ester test fluid #1, silicone fluid, unsym-dimethylhydrazine (UDMH)-compatible grease, inhibitied fuming red nitric acid (IFRNA)-compatible grease, solid rocket propellants, nitrogen tetroxide, liquid oxygen and hard radiation environments.

    Safety – Hazardous Materials

    While the materials, methods, applications, and processes described or referenced in this specification may involve the use of hazardous materials, this specification does not address the hazards that may be involved in such use. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure familiarity with the safe and proper use of any hazardous materials and to take necessary precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all personnel involved.